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Maz Mazák

National Co-ordinator and Teacher Mentor for Australia-Asia

International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM)


By mixing the chest and head voice you receive the full benefits of “both voices:” the natural and powerful sound of the chest voice, and the beauty and range of the head voice. As a singer learns to sing using both of these resonances and trains the vocal folds to stay together, it is possible to vocalize smoothly and evenly from one register to the next.

Depending on how these two resonances are “mixed,” a variety of sounds can be created and all styles of music can be accommodated. A sound that is natural and unaffected throughout the entire vocal range can be used in ALL styles of singing.” (IVTOM 2012)



I have always been interested in the voice and the textures created by this incredible instrument.

My own journey started in Perth (Australia) at 8 years of age. I sang lead in many musicals at school and in church ensembles, won a singing scholarship and a drama scholarship as well as performing on TV, in duo’s, trio’s, bands and with DJ’s. I did a lot of session work. After completing my degree (Bachelor Arts of Media Studies, majoring in Film & Television), I moved to the east coast of Australia to Sydney, where I lived the life of a full-time gigging musician, 6/7 nights per week, sessions during the day – you name it!

Whilst gigging, a friend introduced me to the concept of ‘Mixing’. I took lessons in this technique and my own voice blossomed.

I remember clearly a year after I began working on my voice in this new way – someone at a gig who hadn’t heard me sing for a while said, ‘You sound awesome! Even better than before! What have you been doing?’ I knew it was because of my new technique. Next thing I knew, people at gigs kept coming up to me and asking if I taught. Well, I took this as a sign and became a teacher; and I have never looked back!

I am now the 
National Co-ordinator & Teacher Mentor for Australia-Asia International Voice Teachers of Mix (IVTOM) and continue as a Freelance Professional Vocalist. I personally think this is the greatest singing technique in the world. Mix gives you the freedom to sing in any style you want, but with no breaks in your voice. Think how cool it would be to be able to sing every note in a song easily. Especially for singer/songwriters, imagine singing what you hear in your head in an easy and effortless way, never compromising the melody because you can’t ‘reach’ the note. Also, over 100 Grammy Award winners have used this method so it must be doing something right!

Time and time again my students reach their goals; whether they want to be able to s
ing in front of friends, at church or in a choir or they are professional vocalists needing to ‘tweak’ some problem areas to get better performances and recordings. I have also helped rehabilitate many students who have gone through tough issues such as vocal nodules.

(See Testimonials).

In addition to being a Technical Vocal Instructor, I specialise in Performance Coaching & Style and Stage Presence. I also help people get great vocals in the studio.

As I often say to my students, “There is much more to sounding great than just singing with good technique.”

Qualifications/Past Experience:

2012 - Present: Full-member of IVTOM – International Voice Teachers of Mix​

2007 - 2012: Certified Speech Level Singing Instructor

Bachelor of Arts Degree – Media Studies majoring in Film & Television.


Extensive live/Studio experience:
Solo, band, DJ’s eg. 5 star hotels in Sydney/Overseas. Prestigious Venues in Sydney, Australia - The Basement, Opera Bar, Blue Beat, Ivy, Hugo’s, The Establishment, Zeta Bar - Hilton, Intercontinental Hotel, The Arthouse, Star City Casino and Countless Corporate Functions.
Session Singing: TV/ Radio Commercials, Demo’s for others originals etc.

Member of:

The Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA)
The Australasian Mechanical Copyright Owners Society (AMCOS)
Phonographic Performance Company of Australia Limited (PPCA)

Studied Piano via ‘Simply Music’ Programme:  www.simplymusic.com
Train regularly with Master Teachers around the world.
Attend Seminars & Events that have relevance to Vocals & Performance:
Apra Awards
Aria Awards
CMJ Festival NYC
Sydney Song Summit
Pat Pattison Songwriting workshops


An Overview of Teaching Mix

Goal of MIX:

The goal of a MIX teacher is to help the student develop a pleasing and natural tone (especially on the often ‘dreaded’ high notes) through as much range as possible with no ‘cracks’ or ‘breaks’, apply this sound to a song, and then help the student perform the song with Great style without losing the even and smooth sound.


This is accomplished by doing the following:

Help the student understand ‘what’ and ‘where’ the bridges (or ‘passage area’s often called the “passagio”) are.


Show the student how to navigate the bridges by teaching good posture (breathing), vowel production (pure, narrow, vertical vowels), and how to have a relaxed and stabilized larynx. A stable larynx is very important as we want to make sure that the muscles normally used to chew and swallow food are not used to force the larynx up or down in order to ‘improve’ the sound. This causes an imbalanced sound.

MIX Voice is founded on the concept of singing in the same comfortable manner as you speak. Imagine the body in an open, relaxed condition doing what it was designed to do. The result is a voice that sounds full and connected all through its entire range, with no breaks or sudden shifts in tone.


The Process:

To accomplish these goals, MIX teachers begin by using specific vocal exercises which are designed to help the student experience the sensations he or she should feel during proper vocal production. The purpose of each exercise is to help the student get into the proper place and then move toward application to a song.



First Lesson:

A Great ‘get to know you and your voice’ session. At the first lesson I will ask a few brief questions about your vocal history and then immediately diagnose your voice. This diagnostic test consists of a simple vocal exercise that will give me enough information about your voice to move forward with the correct method of teaching specifically for you.



Ollie Kirk (The Voice Australia)


“From the very beginning, Maz made it clear she believed in me. That was the most important thing. You always want to listen to what she has to say, not only because she knows her stuff, but because it’s clear that she’s doing it to make you a better all-round singer, performer and artist, not just to make better notes come out of your mouth. I had been singing for a few years when I started lessons, but working with Maz really helped me find my sound, my style, and who I wanted to be as a singer. Her vocal ability and knowledge is massive, but more importantly, she wants the best for you, and that’s what you want when going into lessons for something as personal as singing. Plus, my range extended more than I thought it could, and I felt a lot more confident in my ‘mix’ voice which I’d never even heard of before Maz! Now whenever I’m in the studio, or at a gig, and I’m not sure about something vocally, I think of all the awesome advice she has given me, and I haven’t hit a wall yet!"


Rocky Warren...author of 'The Fighter Within'

"I've written a book, jumped out of a plane, spoken in front of live audiences all over the world, yet still I'm challenged on a weekly basis by the creative teachings of one Maz Mazák. Maz is a music genius in the way she can draw out of me what I never even knew was there. She continues to empower me and she draws me to the edge, all the while exciting me with new techniques and vocal expression. But here's the great thing I never feel vulnerable, even when am I so far out of my own comfort zone. Ms Mazák you're a pleasure to work with and I offer you my most humble gratitude for all you've invested in me, including your time, love and patience. You are my music idol."

Sin Mariani (aka Pilot Darcy)

"Every singer should experience the absolute wonder of singing freely at every concert, show, recital and performance. Since having lessons with Maz Mazak I have been able to achieve this and performing is so much more enjoyable. I am a former touring musician and still perform and record. I cannot express how much I have benefited from the exercises used to help me "mix" my registers.

Maz is like a magician - you go through the process of the vocal exercises and before you know it you are able to achieve your goals. And it does feel like magic because it was easy in the end with the right instruction. She clearly has a gift for teaching and her holistic and individualistic approach produces great results. Best of all, Maz encourages you to be true to your style which is a bonus for those who aspire to have a successful career in the music industry. Thanks Maz! xx"

Gemma Fitzsimons

"What can I say... it has been an amazing journey of discovery for me with Maz. We've sung (of course!), we've laughed (a lot!), we've recorded (a great wedding gift idea for my sis) and every week I can't tell you how much I look forward to my lesson. Maz's approach to teaching is relaxed, informal and fully supportive. She listens, she cares and most importantly she knows how to give feedback to ensure you're evolving your voice. Whether like me you just enjoy singing or you're a professional (like Maz herself) I cannot recommend her highly enough!"

Sarah S

“Maz has helped me grow as a singer. I started out extremely shy and wasn't at all confident with my singing voice. She built our lessons around me, helped me deal with those insecurities, and together we eventually brought out a more confident voice. Maz encouraged me to trust my own creative ideas and now I have the technical ability to realise them. She takes her role as a teacher one step further and is just such an honest, inspirational, beautiful person and friend!”

Rob Rowland

I wanted to write this testimonial to acknowledge and show gratitude for just how much Maz has made a difference for me, and to inspire anyone else who feels the way I have felt in the past, to believe in yourself and to know that there is indeed someone out there who believes in you too.

I came from a place knowing that music was important to me, and always feeling that in some way I had a gift to share - but my voice failed me. I felt strained whenever I tried to sing even the simplest of songs, and my range was incredibly limited. In a way I felt as though my body’s limitations prevented me from expressing my soul, and this left me feeling very down. I saw several different singing teachers in the hopes of finding a way to improve my range, but all I ever got told to do was “PUSH!!” and I my voice got worse instead of better. I began to accept that perhaps I was being ridiculous and that I was never meant to be a musician, and slowly gave up.

After moving to Sydney in 2011, I started to meet some new people and make new friends. It was during a conversation with one of them who is a vocalist, that I mentioned that I would love to sing but I just don’t have the voice for it. He shared his experience saying that he also felt the same way in the past, but after finding a 'Mix' Singing teacher, and a lot of practice, he has come to a place where he can truly express himself freely. I was inspired, and that night I spent several hours researching the style of singing, and teachers in the local area – and then I found Maz.

The very first lesson, we discussed my challenges, my goals and dreams, and did an assessment to discover what kind of singer I am. We discovered just how my vocal quality & range may be being limited, and how I can go about improving it – giving me a lot of clarity, and confidence that I was in the right place. She is a lovely lady - relating to my story and how I’ve been feeling, and affirming to me that with careful, consistent practice, it was not only possible to improve in the long term, but it was almost guaranteed, as long as I keep and it, and don’t PUSH!
Over the last year, she has been nothing short of amazing. It has been a rough year for me emotionally, and whether I was having a good day, or bad, we have worked with it, and found a way to make it a progressive lesson nevertheless. She has always been open whenever I just needed a chat, and there were many lessons where I came in feeling the blues, and I always have left feeling inspired, and as though I have learned something. Up or down, sick or well, good vocal day or bad, she has been there supporting me the whole way, and encouraging me to believe in my dreams, and to trust in my own wisdom, which is something I struggled with so much.

It has been steady, but the results speak for themselves. I have improved my range, my vocal quality, my pronunciation has improved, but most importantly my confidence and belief in what I am capable of, and the power of my dreams, has sky-rocketed. I am now singing songs that I once thought I never could, and have had the opportunity earlier on in the year to play & sing at my Dad’s wedding, and just last night to perform at an open-mic night in a bar – something I thought I could never do – with ease and confidence, loving every minute of it - within a year!!!! I can’t express how much that means for me.

There is still a long way for me to go – life is a journey, and I hope I never stop learning and growing. But I know for sure that thanks to Maz, I am on the right path, and that by remaining committed to practice, and with her wisdom and support, I will keep on achieving things beyond what I think is possible in the moment.

So thanks, Maz. And to anyone else out there I say this: just go for it!

Mick Holmes

"Maz is not only a technically proficient singing teacher who can show you exactly what it is you need to get the most out of your voice, she also lives and breathes the fact that singing is mind/body/spirit and lets you experience it for yourself.

Since taking lessons I have gone from being a tentative singer who dreaded hearing my voice through a microphone, to becoming a songwriter who now feels like a singer on stage, hearing from many listeners, You've got a powerful voice!

What a feeling! Now I'm in the process of recording my debut album. I remember joking, Maz, sometimes I get the feeling you're more committed to my success than I am! And that's what makes her so great!"

Catherine Kelleher...'Catcall'

"Maz is an excellent vocal teacher. But she is more than just an excellent teacher, she is also a life mentor and supportive friend who will help you to find where you need to go and how you will get there using the wonderful tools of MIX. My vocal ability and confidence since I started working with Maz has grown from strength to strength and would recommend her to anyone at any level wishing to express themselves through the wonderful art of singing."


Lydia Steinegger...Student from Switzerland


"Maz is not only an extraordinary teacher but also an accomplished performer, which is very beneficiary to her teaching. In just a few lessons she helped me develop my vocal skills to a whole new level while keeping it fun, practical and fostering my joy of singing. With seemingly simple exercises she achieves stunning results. She is a beautiful, supportive and empowering person. Thank you for everything!!! You're simply aMAZing!"

Suzanne Carey

“Lessons with Maz are a joy, always full of fun and positive energy.  But don't be fooled by all the laughter.  She really knows her stuff.”

Magdalena Lass

"Maz has stuck by me from the very beginning, believing that I could do what I set up to achieve. She is a strong motivator and I'm honoured to have her as my vocal coach. In a short span of time I have improved greatly and can only keep getting better! I have never sang before and she has taken me to that extra level and getting me ready to start my own band. It's something I never thought I could do. Thanks Maz!!!"

Fiona Beattie

"Having sung for over ten years, I returned to lessons purely to top up my skills. In my first month of lessons with Maz, she assisted me to extend my vocal range by another octave! I couldn't have been happier. I have been going to 'Maz Mazák Vocal Studio' now for several years and cannot recommend her enough. Maz is a joyful, ever-positive teacher who talks from a position of knowledge and experience, having worked as both a teacher and professional singer for many years now. She is always adaptive to her student's learning needs, supportive of her pupil's individual creative expression, and her enthusiasm is endless. Thanks so much Ms Maz"

Kyla Frank

"Over the past 10 years Maz has been my Vocal Coach and Mentor. Guiding me through my recovery from a vocal injury, Maz has never faulted in keeping my spirits high and maintaining my focus. Her teaching has given me the skills and confidence to overcome any hurdle I may come across in mastering my craft as a Singer/Songwriter and Performer.

Maz with her own talent and love for music has been a constant reminder and inspiration of why I sing.

Thank you Maz for you love, guidance and support."

Tori Robson

"After only a few months of lessons with Maz I could already see changes in my voice that I never thought possible. Maz is a teacher who listens to your dreams and desires for your creative expression and does everything she can to get you on the road to realising them! I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to get the best out of my voice with Maz."

Quentin Rietmans

"Maz, your attentive and committed teaching has helped me to discover my authentic voice, and in so doing, given me the confidence to more fully express my creative self. Thanks Maz!'

Drian Logue -Vocalist, Songwriter, Actor and Voice Over Artist. (Japan)

"Maz is more than just a Fantastic vocal coach, Maz is an artist¹s Muse."


The Method: I'm sure, if you are serious about your voice and singing you've tried a few teachers already and have found that there are lots out there. Lots of good teachers, some not so. I know I have tried so many I can¹t even count them in my mind (perhaps it¹s been too many years that I¹ve been working my voice and now a touch of Alzheimer has crept in). There are also tons of techniques and new secret ways to get a fab voice in a few weeks, well here¹s the truth, it takes more than a fancy name or a catchy gimmick to get a professional, reliable voice, it takes effort.

Effort from the student and effort from the Voice Coach. I've been working my voice in three continents Australia, Europe and now Asia for over 25 years, I've got a good range and control over how I use my voice but there was still more to learn. Then I found the MIX method and started to really make some major vocal connections and progress. After 25 years you think you know your abilities with little left to surprise yourself with, prepare to be amazed. MIX really works to take pressure off your vocal chords and produce professional performances.

So short cut your journey and train with the MIX method and get a head start on the competition.

The Teacher: Choosing a teacher is the most crucial decision an Artist has to make, choose wrong and you'll cost yourself years of setbacks, choose right and you'll enjoy the journey. I found Maz by accident, she is definitely my greatest discovery for 2010 (I make great discoveries in my life each year). I booked a month of theatre and film training in Sydney Jan 2010 and because I was to be without vocal training for a month while I was away from my current home in Japan I sought out a vocal instructor not expecting to gain much in only a few lessons.

Well, I Emailed Maz and was really inspired by her enthusiasm that came straight from her Email I decided to train with her. I am so pleased I did.

Maz is the kind of person that just exudes enthusiasm, she is definitely an inspiration. An artist looks for more than just a sensational vocal instructor, an artist seeks to be inspired, directed and must feel connected to their teacher. Maz is that kind of Vocal Coach. Maz will motivate and inspire you to Greatness. Believe me, studying with Maz you will gain much more than a great voice, you'll become an Awsome artist.

First Lesson:

A Great ‘get to know you and your voice’ session. At the first lesson I will ask a few brief questions about your vocal history and then immediately diagnose your voice. This diagnostic test consists of a simple vocal exercise that will give me enough information about your voice to move forward with the correct method of teaching specifically for you.

Future Lessons:

During these lessons we continue to work on MIX Technique through various exercises tailored specifically for you. We then work on applying the technique to the chosen song. Each lesson is recorded so it can be listened back to during the week. A Great way of learning & remembering!



Skype/Facetime lessons are available.

If you live far away, are going overseas for awhile, are on tour or it takes too long to get to my studio in peak hour traffic, you may want to consider Skype/Facetime lessons. 

I have taught people as far away as Hong Kong and as close as Parramatta - peak hour traffic being the issue!

Also, sometimes you may have an important performance and you want a warm-up before the show.

My skype name is: Maz Mazak

Please note: Skype lessons must be pre-paid. 

At 'Maz Mazák Vocal Studio' THE emphasis is on having Fun & Enjoying learning to Sing with ease & becoming the Best you can personally be!  To achieve this Harmony I have had to put in place some policies that make everything run smoothly for not only me but for all my students who are committed to themselves & their voice....Soo....Here's the Formal bit below.


48-Hour Cancellation/Rescheduling Policy:

Regardless of circumstances, private lessons not cancelled or rescheduled 48 hours before the start time will be charged at the full rate. Time is limited and advance notice is necessary to replace your time slot.
Only cancel by texting or phoning as I may not get an email message in time.


Please do not come to a lesson if you are sick...not only is it not good for your voice but if I get sick then I cannot teach others.


Gift Vouchers/Pre-paid Lesson Fees:

In the event of a late cancellation or no-show, the pre-paid lesson fee will be forfeited.

Gift Vouchers and Pre-paid lessons only valid for 1 month.

Teacher Cancellation:

If the teacher needs to cancel a lesson, a make-up lesson may be booked at a time that is mutually convenient.

Holiday Lessons Are NOT Automatically Cancelled:

Prior notice will be given when 'Maz Mazák Vocal Studio' is closed due to a holiday or special event.  Otherwise, please assume that lessons are scheduled as usual. 
If you wish to move or cancel your lesson due to a holiday, please see the 48-Hour Cancellation Policy.


If you arrive late, your lesson will still end at the scheduled time. This loss of time will not be made up at another time.
If you arrive on time but the previous lesson runs late, you will be given your full-allotted time.
Please be on time, but try not to arrive before your scheduled lesson to limit disruption of the previous lesson.

Turn-Around Time:

All teaching time ends 3-5 minutes before the end of the session in order to allow for USB finalization/receipt of payment.



IVTOM stands for The International Voice Teachers of Mix. It is a teacher’s organization that helps educate and provide association and interaction with other like-minded teachers who strive to teach “Mix”.

IVTOM is a place where all Mix teachers can come together for discussion, education, and association to become better educated, help and encourage each other, and gain vocal truth from experienced teachers and medical professionals. We recognize that teaching voice is an “art” as well as a science and differences in style, approach and personality are encouraged.

IVTOM strives for increased understanding and education and encourages discussion through online workshops, conferences, chats, and communication. The goal of IVTOM is to help voice teachers become better educated and connect to others for support and encouragement in any way possible.



The Artist’s Way is the seminal book on the subject of creativity. An international bestseller, millions of readers have found it to be an invaluable guide to living the artist’s life. Still as vital today-or perhaps even more so-than it was when it was first published one decade ago, it is a powerfully provocative and inspiring work. In a new introduction to the book, Julia Cameron reflects upon the impact of The Artist’s Way and describes the work she has done during the last decade and the new insights into the creative process that she has gained. Updated and expanded, this anniversary edition reframes The Artist’s Way for a new century.

The Talent Code

What is the secret of getting really good at something? How do we unlock it?

 Journalist and New York Times bestselling author Daniel Coyle  visited nine of the world’s greatest talent hotbeds — tiny places that produce huge amounts of talent, from a small music camp in upstate New York to an elementary school in California to the baseball fields of the Caribbean.

He found that there’s a pattern common to all of them — certain methods of training, motivation, and coaching. This pattern, which has to do with the fundamental mechanisms through which the brain acquires skill, gives us a new way to think about talent — as well as new tools with which we can unlock our own talents and those of our kids.

The Inner Game of Music is that which takes place in the mind, played against such elusive opponents as nervousness, self doubt, and fear of failure. Using the same principles of "natural learning" Timothy Gallwey developed so successfully for tennis, golf and skiing and applying them to his own field, noted musician Barry Green shows how to acknowledge and overcome these internal obstacles in order to bring a new quality to the experience and learning of music. And for those who don't play an instrument but who feel their appreciation of music will be enhanced if they understand more about the process of playing, this book is Ideal.

In precise, easy to understand language, Green and Gallwey explain how natural skills can be nurtured and enhanced, and through a series of special exercises they demonstrate the ways in which musicians can achieve exact intonation, artistic phrasing, and improved technique.


There are also chapters on ensemble playing, improvisation, composition and creativity, and listening skills - an essential part of the Inner Game - are discussed throughout.

A methodology with a proven track record, The Inner Game of Music will be invaluable to anyone seriously interested in music, whether professional or amateur, composer,performer, or simply an appreciative listener.

Voice Connection is a multidisciplinary team of specialists dedicated to providing comprehensive analysis, diagnosis and treatment of voice disorders within a holistic framework.


Consisting of Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, speech pathologist, and counsellor, the team believes that all voice disorders must be considered as the manifestation of disequilibrium within the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Our aim is to recognise and respect the impact of a voice disorder upon the whole person and create a treatment regime that heals and empowers the whole being.


Our practice reflects our understanding and acceptance of the indivisible link between mind and body and the subsequent implications for voice.

We believe that true healing occurs only as a result of treating the whole person.



Australian payments are though Bank Transfer,

or cash in person.

International payments are through PayPal.

PayPal Link Below:

1 Hour Lesson AUD $100